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Volkan vs Smith Live

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((UFC Fight Night 138 Main Event:))

T he Big Big Fighting Championship Game (UFC Fight) Volkan nobis Smith Live – Spectaculum Saturni nocte (XXVII Octobris, MMXVIII) etiam ad proelium Nocte CXXXVIII re mala Suspendisse militaris artes potentia ad Moncton Services Printing in Quebec, Canada.

This weekend there was a A.l.lerful Simba, which included the Phillems War in this place Fox Sports 1 and UFC Fight Pass Digital Network,& Event: ) Volkan vs Smith Live this move around sent a.l.l 26 fighters t,o the acclaimed weight loss o.f UFC Fight Night 138, above which video is useful.

Sorry, no formal scale tonight, H.e.n.c.e can see what.

UFC Fight Night 138 Main Event: ) Volkan vs Smith Live

205 pounds: ) ”

UFC Fight Night 138 Fox Sports’s Main Maps 1: “)

145 pounds: Michael Johnson (147 *) closely Artem Lobov (145,5)
205 pounds: Misra Tirakunov (205) adjoining Pistol Cummins
135 pounds: Jonathan Martinez (135) and Andre Suhahat (136)
205 pounds: Zion vilant (205.5) V. Ed Herman (205.5)
170 pounds: McGee Trial (170.5) vs Alex Garcia (170.5)

UFC Fight Night 138 Fox Sports Primary 1:)  Volkan vs Smith Live

170 pounds: Nordin Taylab (170.5) vs Shaun Strickland (170.5)

Calvin Catter (146) vs. Chris Fischgold (146)
135 pounds: Sarah Moras (135.5) vs Talita Bernardo (133)

UFC Fight Night 138 Fight Pass Primary: )  Volkan vs Smith Live

155 pounds: Edwards (156) and Don Majo (154)
265 pounds: Arjan Bhuller (242) vs Marcelo Holmes (25.5.5)
155 pounds: Steve Rai (155.5) vs Jason Eyre (155)

Volkan vs Smith Live



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