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This week the US Open Golf 2019 Live comes to New Orleans in Zurich Classic for Tippis Louisiana. It is a two-stroke sporting event featuring 36 holes of Forbes and 36 holes in Forosome. Long and short – it is basically shark dresses on steroids.

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Instead of giving some fairly unwanted tips and tips on the events (Sergio Garcia and Tommy Fleetwood joined together, they will definitely win!), I’m going to give you my time this week to deliver a lot more useful and useful. By breaking the schedule, the PGA Championship is now just three weeks away, and now is the time to move towards the tournament and certainly how to play and a good picture of who will be responsible for the win and get a better picture.

The handmade is actually quite easy on how to play the annual Masters Tournament at Augustga National. There are years and years of analysis for analyzes, which type of golfers work well there, how the weather affects the golf course, etc. This trend of handicapping tournaments is a pretty easy and profitable job like low round, cut lines and winning scores.

But the other three main predictions are very difficult to predict. Golfers who rely on statistics to bolt in golf tournaments, they are now experiencing intelligent selections and horrible “small statistical sample sizes” to try. Of course, others hosted the course were probably more likely, but the game could decide those who misinterpret those information that was much different than 10 years ago.

Bethpen Black hosted four professional events in the past 17 years. Next time, I would seriously break into the golf course. For now, however, our PGA championship prepares to break the Bitapanj black leaderboards and try to identify the trend.


The PGA tour could not use shot-link data yet to calculate the stroke of the data obtained from Stochok, so for the 2002 US Open, I will use more vanilla statistics, where analyzing the top 10 golf analyzes.

The two most standing areas were the most accurate heater and well scrabbed from the top 10 largest TTs. It is not surprising to provide the overall goal of the USGS when setting up a golf course and setting up a tournament. In 2002, the USGA founded Bethpang Black that closed T. In addition, golfers are less likely to have different gourmet greens and deers facing them for their recipe shots. It is difficult to hit green in regular routine, which looks better than those of those who are not generally those who are good scramblers from deep rough around the greens.

When it was originally proved in the United States Open statistics in 2002. The average driving distance of the tournament was 269.5 and the Leaderboard’s top 10 average 268.2 yards / drive. These top 10 were far more successful than Fairweather because they hit 68% of the tournament totals. Only 62% of the drives on the ground in the field hit. Finally, if the top ten of the competition hit 59.4% of their greens in the Regulation (a very low figure), the field only hit it at 54% time. This proves that the players were often increasingly frustrated compared to the players, so the top stars got the top spot.

US Open Golf 2019 Live Schedule:

  • MAY 16

    1pm-7pm (TNT)

  • MAY 17

    1pm-7pm (TNT)

  • MAY 18

    11am-2pm (TNT)
    2pm-7pm (

  • MAY 19

    11am-2pm (TNT)
    2pm-7pm (


Rating / Score :

Dustin Johnson: +1000
Rory McIlroy: +1200
Brooks Koepka: +1300
Justin Thomas: +1400
Rickie Fowler: +1800
Jon Rahm: +1800
Justin Rose: +1900
Francesco Molinari: +2000
Jason Day: +2200
Xander Schauffele: +2500
Tommy Fleetwood: +2500
Jordan Spieth: +2800

More INFO:

By renewing his master’s victory, Tiger Woods scored for Bayern at the PGA Championship in the year 2019.

Woods is one of the favorites to win +900 ($ 900 to $ 900) to win the tournament starting from May 19, Bethding Blahe of Farmingdale in New York. Dustin Johnson (+1000), Rory McLrooy (+1200), Brooks Copakah (+1300) and Justin Thomas (+1400) topped the top five.

At the youngest 11 years of his most recent victory, the master sat next to the National Golf Club Leaderboard in August, when he arrived on Sunday night. At the age of 13 he was better than a stroke than Johnson, Koepka and Jancer Schauffel.
The result proved to be the worst case scenario for some oddsmakers.

According to’s David Pardam, William Hill US Newspaper gave $ 1.19 million to a radio, which won the $ 85,000 in the woods. Jeff Sherman, vice president of Westgate Las Vegas superb book, also told Pardum that he could not remember another year, where his employer lost money on the master’s results.

After the Sportsbook PGA Championship, they want to avoid similar financial disasters.

And dating back to the end of that last season is nothing to say about the performance of Woods. He tied for sixth in the Open Championship, won second place in PGA Championship and Tour Championship in 2018.

Although he is not the dominant force of Woods for more than a decade, he remains one of the best golfers in the world.

If history is any indicator, then he will receive a threat on the final day of the 2019 PGA Championship. Bethpang Black organized the main competition on both occasions. Woods won the US Open in 2002 and then won 6th place after returning the event in 2009.



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