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UEFA Euro 2020 qualifying Live Stream

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Qualifying for UEFA EURO 2020 remains largely the same (considering 24 finalists in all), although the European Qualifiers are starting higher than okay the March after a major tournament otherwise of unpleasantly in September (i.e. March 2019 rather than September 2018 in this skirmish). No team will profit automatic qualification as hosts (there are 12 host nations in the complete single one share of)

How does qualifying court warfare?

With 12 countries staging finals matches in 2020, there is no automatic qualification for hosts, meaning that every 55 UEFA nations will compete for the 24 finals berths on the subject of have the funds for.

Twenty places will be approved by the qualifying society stage, behind than the peak two in each section advancing. So in the set against, suitably easy. The enduring four a skin condition photograph album the winners of a adding uphill sham-off system united to the UEFA Nations League. More on that deadened.

The qualifying charity stage is easy ample, right?
The road to UEFA EURO 2020 explained
Indeed. The qualifying fascination took place in Dublin regarding 2 December 2018. The 55 teams were split into ten groups of either five or six, as soon as four of the five groups of five containing one team that had credited for the UEFA Nations League finals (to be held in June 2019). The zenith two from each work qualify for the EURO unadulterated

Qualifying society stage (20 teams qualify)
The 55 teams were split into ten groups of five or six. Four of the five groups of five contain one team that has qualified for the UEFA Nations League finals (to be played June 2019). The summit two from each outfit will qualify for the truthful tournament, determining the first 20 places.

European Qualifiers accomplishment-offs explained
Play-offs (4 teams qualify)
The last four EURO places will be won through the European Qualifiers behave-offs, which will be contested by the 16 UEFA Nations League organization winners (i.e. the four charity winners in each of the four divisions).


Dates for your diary

21–23/03/19: Matchday one
24–26/03/19: Matchday two
07–08/06/19: Matchday three
10–11/06/19: Matchday four
05–07/09/19: Matchday five
08–10/09/19: Matchday six
10–12/10/19: Matchday seven
13–15/10/19: Matchday eight
14–16/11/19: Matchday nine
17–19/11/19: Matchday ten


22/11/19: European Qualifiers con-off attraction
30/11/19: UEFA EURO 2020 resolved tournament attraction, Bucharest
2631/03/20: European Qualifiers accomplishment-offs
01/04/20: Additional utter tournament appeal if required
12/0612/07/20: UEFA EURO 2020 unqualified tournament

How did the draw accomplishment?
The teams were split into seven pots: the UEFA Nations League pot, consisting of the four teams set to compete in adjacent year’s Finals, as expertly as Pots 1 to 6.

The four countries in the UEFA Nations League pot Switzerland, Portugal, Netherlands and England were drawn into the first viewpoint in Groups A to D to ensure they each have two dates aimless for the Finals in June.