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Oklahoma vs Alabama en vivo ®Orange Bowl Highlights Streaming Score and Stats Odds, Predictions

College Football Playoff. For most  football fans, when your place of graduation is playing, picking a side in a major event is an easy decision. For me, this one is somewhat trickier.

The College Football Playoff is here. No. 1 Alabama will be in agreement previously hint to No. 4 Oklahoma in the Orange Bowl, even though No. 2 Clemson and No. 3 Notre Dame broil in the Cotton Bowl. The playoff hasn’t existed for long — this will be its fifth season — but this year’s auditorium is somewhat historic. In the first four years of the CFP, we by yourself had three undefeated teams obtain the firm four — Florida State in 2014, Clemson in 2015 and Alabama in 2016 — and those three teams went 2-3 in their respective games as soon as both Clemson and Alabama reaching the title game back losing it.

This year, we have three undefeated teams in Alabama, Clemson and Notre Dame. That makes things a bit more challenging to predict based regarding speaking previous results, even though based upon the narrowing spreads for the semifinals, it seems that both Alabama and Clemson are the close favorites to meet in the title game for the third era in five years. But is that what our CBS Sports experts expect to happen? We were all asked to choose the winners for each College Football Playoff game — both straight occurring and closely the evolve — and most of us seem to take we’a propos destined for the rematch of the rematch.

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