Namajunas vs Andrade Live Streaming : Whare and How to Preview Online UFC 237 Main Card Full Round Official News

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Namajunas vs Andrade Live Streaming : Whare and How to Preview Online UFC 237 Main Card Full Round Official News 


UFC 237 is another wonderful UFC 237 Live Streaming event in the year. It will be held on May 11 and the place is going to be Brazil. The main competition of the card is that today there are many expected battles in the UFC Streeway Champions, held by Rajas Namjunas. It will also be against its main rival Jessica Andrade, also known as Batta Esta.

This will be a tough fight because the champion is going to fight his enemy. Challenger Brazil is a native. The only major event that is being fought in Brazil will not be held on that spot. It will be expected that it will be titled Brazil, because this is not happening for the first time. It happened at least 30 other times.

There are other potential events specific for the day. That war card is the most speculative speculation. Someone is now sure nothing. The schedule for that day is scheduled to be released within a few weeks.

Here are some possible fights that will be held on that day. In a fight that can take place, there is a fight between Namajunas vs Andrade Live Streaming against Chris Cyborg. 2. In this fight, they are going to be a reconciliation fight. For many reasons the fight is going to be historians. First, it is the first super-fight for the female division in MMA history and it is such a recovery first. Many things will be occupied here. Another thing that makes this unique face is that it will be reviewed somewhere other than Brazil. The first encounter was at UFC 232 where many things happened.

There is a lot of hope in the competition because the challenger Chris Cyborg was the champion and he would work hard to recover the title from the only female, who had defeated him for thirty years. For Defender, he will go all out to show that he is a real champion. This war may be the biggest event in that card.

This champion of war will mean a lot. He became the only and first woman to become a double champion in history. These two top women came from warriors, and many of them mean that their countrymen will fight in front of their local fans.

Cyborg, the challenger contract was closed on the end of March. That is why many conflicts face. He may not have been engaged in another difficult war before that. He is going to face the most difficult fight against Amanda Nunas.

Even UFC president and champion do not see anything in that war. Cyborg may not take place that can be performed long or he will have to explore another option.


Who is the Fight Card for UFC 237?


UFC 237 Main Card

UFC Straught Championship: Rose Namajunas vs Jessica Andrade
Jared Canonias vs Anderson Silva
José Aldo vs Alexander Volkanovski
Antoine Rogerio Nogira vs Ryan Span
Thiago Alvís vs Larono Staropoli

ESPN primary card

BJ Pen vs. Clay Guaida
Thiago Moise v. Cart Hollbagh
Francisco Trindado v. Diego Ferreira
Luana Carolina vs Wu Yanan

Pass UFC Fight Early Card

Irene Aldana v. Bethe Korea
Worldly vs. Sergio Moras
Raoni Barcelos v. Nurmagomedov said
Talita Bernardo vs Melissa Gato



UFC returns to Arena on 21 May, UFC 237 in Rio de Janeiro. It will be titled by Streewight’s headline, which features the clash of styles.

Rose Namajunas Top Ranking Challenger, will protect the belt against Jessica Andrade. Samnunas will travel to the backyard of Ashraad’s home in hopes of being damaged by house-to-house injuries and frustration at the home of the Brazilian crowd.

Take action against Anderson Silva Jared Canonier in co-main event. It is not Marquee matchup to use former champions, but it remains a dangerous challenge. Canonier will be given the opportunity to cancel a legend and establish himself as a threat to the true title in a growing deep middleweight division.

Also on the main card, Alexander Volkowski will be seen in Jose Aldo what may be a title extractor in the featherweight section.

The action in Rio will be as hot as the city. The 13-fight event features incredible bouts from top to bottom.

It’s a wonderful deep card that should earn your attention.


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