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Recently many telegram channels, social media that share airdrop referrals from gramfree even almost every group I follow must have shared those airdrops.

Plesae Sing up to This Refar Link

Is the airdrop legitimate or scam I have searched for information on google but have not found in detail even the gramfree social media did not there.
Reviews Gramfree net scam or legit?

Looking at the information on gramfree’s homepage, we see that they say Gram is a telegram project. We did some research on telegram’s twitter and found nothing about the gramfree project. (You can go to twitter for telegram to verify this my said)

moreover we have found information on telegram’s homepage about the Ton blockchain and gram. they said.

Nobody can buy or sell grams yet

First, it has come to our attention that certain websites appear to be offering Grams to the public. These websites sometimes refer to the offers as “token presales,” and some pretend to be affiliated with Telegram. As we’ve warned you on numerous occasions, these are NOT official Telegram websites, they have NO affiliation with Telegram, and NO Grams have been issued yet to anyone. Neither Telegram nor any of its affiliates are involved in any public sales or presales of Grams. To the contrary, the TON Blockchain on which Grams will function is still in a Beta Test phase and you can access the Beta Test website at h Only once the TON Blockchain launches will Grams be created and available to purchase.

TLDR: Grams don’t exist yet, nobody can buy or sell them before we announce the launch of TON Blockchain. Don’t get scammed.

Grams won’t help you get rich

Third, you should NOT expect any profits based on your purchase or holding of Grams, and Telegram makes no promises that you will make any profits. Grams are intended to act as a medium of exchange between users in the TON ecosystem. Grams are NOT investment products and there should be NO expectation of future profit or gain from the purchase, sale or holding of Grams.

Grams do NOT represent:

Any equity or other ownership interest in Telegram or its affiliates

Any rights to dividends or other distribution rights from Telegram or its affiliates

Any governance rights in Telegram or its affiliates.

TLDR: If you buy grams at some point in the future, this won’t mean you “own a piece of Telegram.” Grams don‘t give their holders any special rights, just like owning Euros doesn’t give you shares in the European Union.

In deciding whether to purchase Grams, you should be fully aware of the risk that Grams may decrease in value over time or even lose all monetary value. There are a number of risks related to purchasing cryptocurrencies like Grams, including volatility in cryptocurrency markets, the possibility of increasing regulation of cryptocurrency exchanges and other risks.

TLDR: Dealing with cryptocurrency is risky and can actually make you poorer than you are due to a boatload of external factors.

so the proof of payment that people share on social media networks is accurate?

with the information we just found that these could be fake payment proofs that someone created to cheat people involved.

Lot of scammers are trying to scam using telegram names. I have already expose many fake telegram ico websites. It is a scammer group that runs this scamming mission together. There is currently no telegram ico and airdrop running. So newbies beware of like these websites.

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