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Block Smash $100 Withdraw Proof & Process| Bangla Tutorila Step – 8

How to reach payment! (+Withdrawal proof)

All Tutoria;: Click here is a new site where you can get paid just for spending time on the site and destroying virtual blocks.


It has some really cool features like crafting, where you craft boosters and increase your chances of winning (or boost other things on the site). It is like a very simple game but actually pays out real cash for playing.

Here are some of my insights on how to reach the withdrawal mark ($100) faster and get paid!

By the way, you can get paid in many ways, including Paypal, Skrill, Neteller, Bitcoin, Litecoin, Webmoney and Payeer.

Here is a link if you want to join the site, by clicking on it you will get +15 more hits which are needed to destroy blocks and find prizes/cash:


Since the goal is to destroy as many blocks as possible and find as many rewards inside as possible (cash, resources for crafting, more hits, experience…), here is the best strategy:

  1. Focus on increasing your EXPERIENCE and LEVEL first. By doing so you will increase the amount of free hits you get every hour meaning that you will be able to destroy more blocks.

Here are the best ways to quickly increase your level and get more hits:

INVITES: keep inviting people and you will get everything: hits and xp points. You will progress through levels quickly and be able to play fast!

DROPS: always come back every day for drops so you can get the free rewards.

CRAFTING: remember to craft boosters and take advantage of them to get even more rewards!

OFFERS: offers are a very good way to quickly get some hits and then use them to smash blocks and then find XP and cash inside!

OTHER FEATURES: use other features like Island to get the mot but remember that they are risky!

  1. Come back often and smash as many blocks as possible. Do not miss your hours when the hits are refilled and always claim daily bonuses, daily answers and so on. Constantly stay online to get as many as possible. Keep clicking on those blocks!
  2. Withdraw to whatever wallet you want 🙂 I like Bitcoin and Paypal, you can choose what fits you as there are many many options available.

Good luck!

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