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Detroit vs Chicago Live stream® Weeks Free Online Match Stats

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Detroit will play in quarter-finals against Chicago at 12:30. Thanks Thanksgiving closer. Detroit does not have the habit of winning, but the oddness in the last game did not disappear, but the team could have a flaw in their slogan.

There is no place when he is at home in Detroit, standing in a strong house after a hard defeat on the street. They won the competition, which could not be closer by passing from Carolina 20-19. The victory was very necessary for Detroit, because it is less damage to three games.

Meanwhile, after being defeated in Minnesota last year, Chicago agreed to move that time. In Chicago, Minnesota received a post-script, low landings were counted for conservation, and 25 to 20 could survive. This win was held in the Chicago area today, which is now four in the fight.

When: EST at No Seen pm
Where: Ford Field, MI
TV: Google TV
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