New Movie Releases: 2019 Top Movie Release Date Schedule

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New Movie Releases: 2019 Movie Release Date Schedule

2019 Top Movie Release Date Schedule

TOP Movie Release Schedule 2019


If you keep tabs on all the goodies coming to the box office in 2019, you already know that some big titles are coming. This is a list that includes everything from Eganzer: from Endgame to Jumanji 3 There is an insane number of exciting projects in the horizon and it is not too early (or too late) to see the annual release schedule. The dates below are still subject to change, but if you want to know, you should bookmark this page and often return for updates.

Seeing what you have come in 2018, we’ve covered you. According to the title of this list, we keep the headlines that are coming in line with the date of the liberation war in 2019. So, without any further delay, there are 2019 box office schedules which are currently on:



El Chicano – Friday, May 3rd
The Intruder – Friday, May 3rd
Uglydolls – Friday, May 3rd
Long shot – Friday, May 3rd

Detective Pikachu – Friday, May 10th
Haste – Friday, May 10th
poms – Friday, May 10th
Tolkien – Friday, May 10th

A dog’s journey – Friday, May 17th
John Wick: Chapter 3 – Parabalma – Friday, May 17 Sun also
A star – Friday, May 17th

Aladdin – Friday, May 24th
Booksmart – Friday, May 24th
BrightBurn – Friday, May 24th

Godzilla: Monsters King – Friday, May 31
Mother – Friday, May 31
Rocketman – Friday, May 31st


Dark Phoenix – Friday, June 7
Light Night – Friday, June 7
The secret life of pets 2 – Friday, June 7

Men at Black International – Friday, June 14
Shafts – Friday, June 14

Anna – Friday, June 21st
Moving Children – Friday, June 21
Tao Story 4 – Friday, June 21

Annabelle comes home – Friday, June 28th
Yesterday – Friday, June 28


Midsomer – Wednesday, July 3rd

Spider-Man: away from home – Friday, July 5th

21 Bridges – Friday, July 12
Crawl – Friday, July 12th
Stubber – Friday, July 12

Lion King – Friday, July 19th

Once Upon A Time in Hollywood – Friday, July 26th
The Boy 2 – Friday, July 26th

Striped and Gold City of Gold – Wednesday, July 31


Hobbs and Shaw – second on Friday, August 2nd
New mutant – Friday, August 2

Artemis Foul – Friday, August 9th
Brian Bank – Friday, August 9th
The Kitchen – Friday, August 9th
Dark Dark to Dark – Friday, August 9th

Dark by light – Wednesday, 14th August

47 meters down: uncertain – Friday, August 16
The Angry Birds Movie 2 – Friday, August 16
Boss Level – Friday, August 16
Good day – Friday, August 16th
Informer – Friday, August 16
Plomobile – Friday, August 16th
Where do you go, Bernadet – Friday, August 16

Angel smiled – Friday, August 23
Overkowar – Friday, August 23


IT: Chapter 2 – Friday, September 6

Goldfinch – Friday, 13th September
Hastlers – Friday, 13th September 13th
Spying – Friday, September 13

Black and Blue – Friday, September 20 (limited)
Rambo: The Last Blood – Friday, September 20 (Limited)
Downton Abbey – Friday, September 20 (limited)

Hateful – Friday, September 27th
The Art of Racing in Rain – Friday, September 27th
Hunt – Friday, September 27th
Judy – Friday, September 27th


Joker – Friday, October 4th
Women in the window – Friday, October 4

Jimmy Man – Friday, October 11th
Zoomland 2: Double Tap – Friday, October 11

Adams Family – Friday, October 18
Massif: Evil of Mail – Friday, October 18

Bad trip – Friday, October 25


Arctic dog – Friday, November 1st
Crocodile Brooklyn – Friday, November 1st
Terminator: Dark burst – Friday, November 1.

Doctor sleep – Friday, November 8
Midway – Friday, November 8
Sonin Hijag – Friday, November 8

Charlie’s Angels – Friday, November 15th
Ford v Ferrari – Friday, November 15
The Good Lear – Friday, November 15
Last Christmas – Friday, November 15th

A beautiful day of Nebberd – Friday, November 22
Frozen 2 – Friday, November 22
Lath section – Friday, November 22

Knife Out – Wednesday, November 27th
Queen and Slim – Wednesday, November 27th


Jumanji Sikel – Friday, December 13th
Untitled BloomHouse Productions Project II – Friday, December 13

Cats – Friday, December 20
Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker – Friday, December 20th
Superintendent – Friday, December 20

1917 – Wednesday, December 25th
Flood Call – Wednesday, December 25th
Little Women – Wednesday, December 25th

Which movie is the most excited for you? Any bomb you see coming a mile away? Do not forget to swing back and tell us.

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